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Resources for coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It's a little sad that I've now got more time to write in the midst of COVID-19! On the one hand, I've been less busy with client work because people are cancelling appointments. On the other hand, I've been busier in terms of getting myself set up to deliver counselling online, researching best practices, addressing concerns of my current clients, and keeping up to date with the government's announcements on how psychologists should deliver services in these times. It's definitely preoccupying my brain at the moment!

I hesitated to write this post because my inbox - and probably yours - is full of COVID-19 position statements, policies, promotions, and encouragements. So I won't talk about how the virus and its impact are ever-present and frankly, overwhelming at times. You already know this; you're living it. However, people have asked me for online resources and I thought it would be good to have them in one place.

Perhaps these things that others have written might speak to you. As I work a lot with children, young people, and their families, my bias is towards that!

If you're looking for counselling at this time for whatever reason, it's worth asking what your psychologist can provide. Psychologists are considered "essential services" by the Australian government and at the time of writing we can still provide face-to-face sessions (taking into account safety precautions). The government has also made some allowances for video-conferencing and phone consultations, so please inquire about that if you are unsure about leaving the house!

The words of Sarah Kendzior, a US writer and scholar, wrote the following in 2016 in reference to something different, but no less relevant now. The bit in bold has particularly been on my mind:

Do not accept brutality and cruelty as normal even if it is sanctioned. Protect the vulnerable and encourage the afraid. If you are brave, stand up for others. If you cannot be brave – and it is often hard to be brave – be kind.

Be kind, to yourselves and others. <3

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